Monday, October 29, 2012

Mystery Tattoo?

Curious as to the reason our hunky hero Christian Hunt is sporting a tattoo on the cover of the book? Well, let's just say that the way he obtains it is unlike most... :) It truly is a mystery tattoo that he doesn't even get by choice. That's all I'll say for now, but you'll find out the entire reason in the book which is coming VERY SOON!

Save the Big Cats!

I want to donate a portion of the proceeds of every printed book sold of Curse of the Jaguar to help save jaguars and other big cats whose environment is being destroyed and whose existence is in danger. I will donate the proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund.

Food for thought: Did you know that there are more tigers in captivity than there are in the wild now - 4000 or so in captivity and about 3200 in the wild? (More Tigers...2012). And did you know that it is easier to obtain a tiger for a "pet" than it is to adopt a kitten/cat from a shelter? There is actually less paperwork involved and it's sometimes cheaper. That's sad and wrong.

Help me save our beautiful big cats and enjoy an exciting read at the same time!


More Tigers in Captivity. (2012). Retrieved from

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New, Longer Excerpt!

Here's a longer excerpt from the book. Enjoy!

"Fear is a crippling emotion, and one that Kara Nichols didn’t like to share company with. But being stranded in the heart of Denver on an unfamiliar street with meager lighting and endless hiding places for criminals was a recipe that would make any lone woman scared out of her mind.
An only child, Kara Nichols craved the warmth and life-giving association of people. Sure she needed time alone like everyone else, but never did those times include a dark street, suspicious shadows and startling sounds. In fact, if she were to make a list of the top ten places she wouldn’t want to be alone in, an abandoned neighborhood after dark would be in the top five. Maybe the top two.
And yet here she was, clenching the shoulder strap of her leather handbag with two white-knuckled fists as she speed-walked in four-inch designer heels through the dark side-streets that would, at some point, intersect with her apartment’s highway entrance.
A dog yelped nearby and she jumped, teetering on her unsteady stilettos and whipping her head around to try and find the perpetrator of the unnerving sound. But the long shadows of the houses blocked her view of anything beyond the grass around the sidewalk where an occasional lamp post flickered weakly nearby.
Swallowing hard and gathering her nerves, she plunged on with renewed vigor down the uneven slabs of sidewalk forcing herself not to break into an all-out sprint, though it wasn’t an option in these heels even if she’d been inclined to do so. Had she known she would have ended up being over-generous in her estimation of her Nissan Murano’s gas tank and its contents she would have worn more comfortable shoes and carried a flashlight.
Headlights from a car brightened the street behind her. Ignoring its presence, she continued on without turning her head. Only when the unsteady rumble of an older engine grumbled close behind her did she cast an anxious glance over her shoulder at the oncoming vehicle. The rust-eaten pick-up truck in an unidentifiable fading color swerved over to the side of the road towards where she stood coming dangerously close. As its front wheels plowed over the strip of yellowing grass separating the sidewalk from the street Kara gasped and stumbled back onto the lawn behind her, eyes wide.
The truck stopped just a few feet in front of her in a haphazard parking job covering the sidewalk, grass, and road. Her heart wrenched out painful frantic beats inside her chest. Clutching her purse and turning, she began an ungraceful sprint away from the truck.
It was the shout of her name that brought her to a halt. It was more of a slurred holler, but he had known her name and that surprised her enough to stop her retreat. Watching as he stumbled over the curb, advancing toward her with less grace than she had displayed running in high heels, the man called her name again.
Racking her brain trying to attach a name to the voice, Kara came to a heart-stopping conclusion.
“Sam?” She spoke his name with trepidation and the urgent hope that she was mistaken.
His shaky laugh crushed that hope. Nope, she wasn’t mistaken."

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Here's the book cover!

Here is the final book cover! Isn't it awesome! My completely talented sister, Camille Evans, did an incredible job! We should have the book out in the next few weeks.

Were-Jaguar Legends

I came up with the whole were-jaguar idea from researching the jaguar on for my book. I've always loved big cats. I thought this legend was interesting and kind of expounded on it. It served as an inspiration and kind of a springing point for a good section of my book.

Here are the excerpts from (love that site):

"In pre-Columbian Central and South America, the jaguar has long been a symbol of power and strength.
In Mesoamerica, the Olmec-an early and influential culture of the Gulf Coast region roughly contemporaneous with the Chavin-developed a distinct "were-jaguar" motif of sculptures and figurines showing stylized jaguars or humans with jaguar characteristics. Later in the Mayan civilization, the jaguar was believed to facilitate communication between the living and the dead and to protect the royal household. The Maya saw these powerful felines as their companions in the spiritual world, and a number of Maya rulers bore names that incorporated the Mayan word for jaguar (b'alam in many of the Mayan languages). The Aztecs formed an elite warrior class known as the Jaguar Knights." (Excerpt from

"The were-jaguar was both an Olmec motif and a supernatural entity, perhaps a deity.
It appears widely in the Olmec archaeological record, and in many cases, under the principle of pars pro toto, the were-jaguar motif represents the were-jaguar supernatural. The were-jaguar supernatural incorporates the were-jaguar motif as well as other features, although various academics define the were-jaguar supernatural differently. The were-jaguar supernatural was once considered to be the primary deity of the Olmec culture but is now thought to be only one of many.
Originally, many scholars believed that the were-jaguar was tied to a myth concerning the copulation between a jaguar and a woman."
The term is derived from Old English were, meaning "man", and jaguar, a large member of the cat family in the Olmec heartland, on analogy with werewolf." (Excerpt from

I think it's interesting to read and learn about different cultures. And although I incorporate the idea of the were-jaguar into my book, Curse of the Jaguar, I do take liberties in creating it into what I want. I don't follow the Olmec legends of the were-jaguar to the letter.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sneak Peek Excerpt!

I will try to give you a longer sneak peek next time. But here's something just to wet your mouth on. :)

“She turned, and clutching her purse, began to run towards his apartment at the back of the large and now dark complex. The sound of pounding footsteps behind her made her almost scream in horror. But she couldn’t expend the energy. She ran as hard as she could.
The footsteps were sounding closer.
As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t bring herself to look behind her. Her legs burned from fatigue and she stumbled as she hopped over the curb. A gloved hand grasped her arm and she screamed.
This was it. She was too late.”

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New book coming soon!

Coming soon to print and ebook! Curse of the Jaguar is an exciting, fast-paced contemporary paranormal romance. I'm hoping to see it out by Christmas, barring any complications. It will be available for purchase through Amazon and other popular places. More details will be posted as it comes closer to release. In the meantime, here is a summary from the back cover.

"A dark and powerful force has been hiding in the dense jungles of Guatemala for the last several thousand years. Now that nearly uncontrollable force has become the new weapon of a ruthless man willing to destroy his own country in exchange for unprecedented power and wealth.

Christian Hunt's life has gone from normal to disturbing in a single night and now it's about to take a turn for the deadly. Everyone he knows and loves will become pawns in a high stakes game with evil.

Allegiances will be tested. Love will be pushed to the edge. And the line that separates human from animal will be blurred."