Monday, October 28, 2013

Printed version

The printed version of the revised edition of Curse of the Jaguar will be available through Amazon in a mere few days. I just finished up and its going through the process. According to Amazon it could take anywhere from 5-7 days to show up. Meanwhile, the ebook edition is available now on Amazon for only 2.99!
Now, I'm off to finish editing the sequel, Mark of the Jaguar. Hoping you'll get to have it in your hands by Christmas!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mark of the Jaguar

The sequel to Curse of the Jaguar, titled Mark of the Jaguar, is soooooooo close to being published! I just finished the complete first manuscript - which is no easy task. It is such a huge hurdle! It took about five years to complete and publish Curse of the Jaguar. Mark of the Jaguar was started in January. I hope to have it ready for everyone and in your warm little hands by the end of the year! Now onto editing!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's here and it's FREE!

Download the new, revised edition of Curse of the Jaguar for FREE - only FRIDAY, September 20 - SUNDAY, September 22 on

If you don't have a Kindle, don't worry. You can download a free Kindle reading app so you can read any Kindle book on your pc, tablet or phone. Click here to download the free Kindle Reading App. It's great, fast and easy.

The cover, as you might have noticed, is now slightly different. Also, inside the book, there are several changes. If you read it and liked it before, you'll want to read it again. Some changes are minor and minimal, while others are a little more drastic.

Another note, Curse of the Jaguar will only be available for sale from for the next 90 days. After that exclusive period, it will be available again through Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Sony and Apple. This exclusive sell happened in order to get you the ebook FREE through Amazon.

So check out on Thursday through Saturday to get the new revised ebook for FREE!

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New Edition almost here!

I am a breath away from having my revised edition of Curse of the Jaguar out! Now thaf my kids are back in school maybe I'll actually get the second one finished. It's nearly there, but then I'll have the editing process to get through. Why do things always take longer than you want/think? Anyway, hang in there. Both the second book - the sequel to Curse of the Jaguar - and the revised edition of Curse of the Jaguar are coming...

I'll post when the revised version is going to be free on Amazon. It will be free for three days when it makes its debute. I will post it here and on Facebook.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Revised Edition!

I have finished the new revised edition of Curse of the Jaguar! Right now my editor is going over the changes and I hope to have it out and ready for everyone by the end of this month. Keep your fingers crossed. It will have several revised scenes in it as well as just being polished.

I will post when its done and ready to go. When it is out, I will have it for free on Amazon for three days. So I will keep you updated and let you know.

Also...I am including a sneak peak of the second book, which I have titled War of the Jaguars. I am including the first chapter of it tacked on the end of the free revised first book.

Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Well, I couldn't sleep last night so I stayed up outlining the rest of the second and all of the third book until one-thirty in the morning! I'm excited to see it all mapped out and I think it will help speed things along! I'm already working with my graphic designer on the cover for the second book - which actually might be renamed. I'm thinking Rise of the Jade Jaguar might serve as a better title for the third book. Still contemplating what the second title will be.
Updates later!

Friday, June 7, 2013


The winner of the signed copy of Curse of the Jaguar is JoLyn Brown! Congratulations JoLyn! And I'll get your information so I can send that to you!

Thanks for following and supporting me!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Book Review

So periodically, just for fun, I'm going to post a review of a recent book I enjoyed and would recommend.

Recently I finished two books, back to back, titled "The Last Witch" and "The Underground Witch" both written by Debbie Dee.

I loved both! They move fast enough to keep impatient people like me entertained, they are captivating, romantic, and very well written. The story is unique and keeps you guessing and the characters are easy to relate to and love. Definitely good reads! I'm excited to read the third and last book in the trilogy.

You can find these books on and Debbie's website:


Well, my second book is nearly done. I am on the home stretch, I hope. Then it will under go all the editing process. I'm loving my new editor who is helping me with refining the first book which will then be republished. There will only be minor changes to it, but that will in the future, possibly fall or late summer at the earliest.

Due to the number of people that have not signed up to get a free signed book, I will extend the giveaway until the end of May. If you want to be entered into the drawing to get a free signed copy of Curse of the Jaguar, either comment about your feelings concerning the book - if you've read it - or sign up to be a follower of this website (see right).

Thanks for everything!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Second Book coming along nicely...

My second book, sequel to Curse of the Jaguar, is coming along. I've had several great ideas that I'm just dying to incorporate into it. I just haven't had the time to write them down yet, what with Mother's Day, sick kids and dentist appointments. But I'm hoping this week will be the time I can let out all these ideas and expand from where I'm at. It's getting good. I can't wait to finish and get it out there for everyone!
I'm also excited about the new editor I'm working with. She's so great and she's helping me refine things. I'm excited to see what her thoughts are on my book.

Free Signed Book

Time is running out. Only a week or so left. Become a follower on this website (to the right of the screen) and become entered into a drawing to win a free signed copy of Curse of the Jaguar!

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FREE Giveaway!

Sign up to become a follower on my website and get your name entered into a drawing to receive a FREE signed copy of Curse of the Jaguar! The drawing will be held in about two weeks. I'll post the date as it gets closer.
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Random Excerpt

"Someone was out to kill her. They knew she was still alive and they’d come for her.
She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she didn’t hear the bedroom door open. Two strong arms slipped around her waist, pulling her back against a hard chest. There was a rush of pleasure and relief and her heart beat increased from Christian’s warm touch.
She turned in his arms and wrapped her own arms around his neck, smiling up at him. He leaned down towards her, wrapping his hand behind her head and pulling her towards him. Her heart hammered in her chest. He pulled her to him and their lips brushed, sparking emotions. Their kiss became more engaging, and more delicious." - Curse of the Jaguar 

Book Club Fun!

I had such a fabulous time at Jocelyn's Book Club (I'm not sure what you call yourselves) down in West Jordan. Everyone was incredible and it was so much fun to listen to all your comments about Curse of the Jaguar and see the pictures you had for who you pictured as Kara and Christian. It really was fun! Thanks for having me down! We'll have to do it again for book number two!

Thanks again!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

FREEBIE! Full Second Chapter!

  1. So just for fun, I thought I'd post the second chapter of Curse of the Jaguar for you to read here. Thanks for your support! You guys are great!


    2.  Stalked

It took days before Kara was able to push Christian Hunt’s image to the back of her mind and concentrate on work. It didn’t help that her imagination kept wondering on how it would feel to lay a kiss on him like that Treena had. But after having neither seen nor heard from him since last week when he’d come to her rescue, she was able – for the most part – to forget she’d ever run into him.
The intercom in her shared office at work buzzed. “Hey Kara, Ryan Call is on the phone and wants to meet up with you to discuss some concerns about his master suite. Do you want me to schedule a lunch appointment or are you busy today?”
I’m free. Go ahead and schedule it for eleven o’clock at Stefano’s.”
Will do.”
Thanks, Heidi.”
A few hours later Kara strolled through the doors of the Stefano’s Italian restaurant. She spotted her client sitting at a table impeccably dressed in an expensive tailored suite, his dark blond hair styled. Ryan Call stood up and smiled, extending his hand as she approached the small round table.
Thank you for meeting me on such short notice,” he said, his gray-blue eyes appraised her for a moment before locking on her face. His smooth smile told her he liked what he saw. “I know you’re a busy woman and I appreciate it.”
It’s no problem, Mr. Call.”
Please, call me Ryan.” His smile widened. “I’m only a few years older than you, and Mr. Call makes me feel a whole lot older.”
Blushing, she nodded in compliance. “Sorry.” She sat down across from him and waited until after they’d ordered their meals before pulling out a pen and her design notebook. “So, what concerns do you have about your master suite, Ryan?”
His brows knit together and he sat back in his chair, straightening his suit coat. “I’m feeling like the color palette isn’t coordinating with the rest of the house. I want it to feel different in there – more intimate – but I still want it to flow. Perhaps we should delve into more color possibilities before we move ahead any farther.”
Kara nodded and jotted down some notes. Reaching into her coffee-colored alligator skin briefcase, she withdrew several small boards that were a visual documentation of the materials, colors, and furnishings chosen for each room. She laid them on the small round table in front of them and put the master suite color board on top.
Okay,” she began, “this is what we’ve chosen so far. Now there are several possible directions we could head in.”
Christian sat back in his chair and watched the attractive brunette in a turquoise wrap dress discuss a pile of mat boards with pictures and fabric samples attached to them with the man across from her, his curiosity getting the better of him. The man boasted his wealth with his custom cut suit and Armani shoes. Christian guessed him to be about his same age – twenty-eight – give or take a year or two.
Huh. So she’s an interior designer. Interesting. Not that he should care, he reminded himself.
The couple he was watching hadn’t said or done anything noteworthy for the last half hour and he was feeling restless. His mind began to wander as he watched Kara Nichols. She was eye-catching.
He sighed with self-disgust. Get over it, he scolded himself as he picked up a fry and swirled in a cup of barbeque sauce. She’s not for you.
He was tired, that was the reason he let his mind slip into forbidden paths he tried to assure himself. Such was the result of too many bad dreams – confusing bad dreams with no logical reason.
Kara’s syrupy brown eyes flickered up to meet his steady gaze. Surprise flashed across her face, followed by a slight blush. Her eyes plunged back down to study the boards in front of her with renewed intensity. The corners of his mouth curved up into an amused grinned.
His eyes moved back and forth in subtle intervals between Kara and the couple he was watching undercover. He knew he wasn’t good enough for her, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy the view, right? And though the pretty brunette knew that he was watching her, Mr. Collins’ wife and her lover were too involved in their little tryst to notice they were being spied on.
Leaning back against the bench, Christian let his eyes drift around the restaurant. It was the usual crowd – an elegant older couple, a group of college girls giggling as they eyed him, a few lone businessmen out for lunch.
Then his eyes stopped. A man with black hair, intense eyes, and a dark business suit was staring at Kara without blinking. Frowning, Christian studied him. There was an almost imperceptible scar that extended from the man’s cheek below his eye up in a curve to his ear. Christian perceptiveness came from years of work as a private detective while studying criminal justice in college. And right now those honed instincts were telling him that this man wasn’t just glancing at Kara with mild interest. His dark eyes were fixed on her, the expression on his face severe.
The dark man must have sensed Christian’s stare on his face and turned his dark beady eyes on him. The two men stared each other down for several long moments – each measuring the other. The man’s eyes flickered with what almost seemed like amusement before he stood up, dropped several bills on the table and left the restaurant, walking passed Christian and then Kara’s table. Her client glanced up at the man for a few seconds before returning to his conversation with Kara.
By the time Kara gathered up her boards, said good-bye to Ryan, and drove back to Rasmussen Design, she had analyzed Christian Hunt’s stares more times than she cared to count. She had been completely unnerved and surprised to look up and see him in the restaurant staring at her.
Was he stalking her too?
Please, no. She couldn’t handle any more crazy men in her life.
They’re all nuts,” she muttered under her breath as she stopped at a red light. “Maybe I’ll just become a nun.” But nuns weren’t interior designers – and this is what she loved to do. Design was her creative outlet, her way to let go, express herself, and venture into new territory. She’d just have to be a spinster instead.
Kara pulled her silver Nissan Murano into Rasmussen Design’s small parking lot making sure that she was aligned straight in the stall – a small quirk of hers. Getting out, she gathered up her purse and briefcase and walked over to the building. She pushed open the heavy glass doors and greeted Heidi at the reception desk as she passed by.
Melanie had already returned from lunch and was on a call in their office so Kara just smiled and waved before settling down at her own desk.
How was lunch?” Melanie asked as she placed the receiver back into its cradle.
Fine.” Kara spun her chair around to face her friend. “Guess who was at Stefano’s staring at me all through lunch like some hungry predator?”
Melanie raised a dark, curvy eyebrow. “Tell me. It wasn’t Sam was it?”
No. It was Christian Hunt.”
Oh,” Melanie said with a laugh. “The hot jogger again. Was he making out with that model again too?”
Kara scowled at the memory. “No. He just sat there staring at me. The whole time. It was so unnerving. I hate it when people just stare at you. You become self-conscious and then start wondering if you have a piece of lettuce in your teeth, or if your hair is sticking out funny somewhere.” Kara shook her head, annoyed.
Melanie laughed and tucked a dark strand of hair behind one ear. “Maybe he was staring because he thinks you’re hot.” Her dark brown eyes twinkled mischievously.
Yeah,” Kara said, her voice coated with sarcasm. “Because I look sooo much like a Victoria’s Secret model.” She rolled her eyes and grinned. “I’ve decided that men are crazy and I’m staying away from them. I’m not going to go and get caught up in another dumb relationship where the guy turns out to be some psycho that tries to attack you when you break up with him.”
You do get some crazies.”
Yeah. I seem to attract them in swarms.” She let out a heavy sigh. “I can’t stop thinking about Sam. I never saw that coming. He seemed like a nice, decent guy. So where did I go wrong? How did I not see that he was a psycho?”
Melanie shrugged. “I thought he was kind of a dud but then I didn’t peg him as someone who would go after you in a dark alley.”
Kara shook her had. “I can’t do that again. I can’t end up with someone that turns out to be something he’s not. I want to know exactly what I’m getting into when I go into a relationship, not have some dark surprise waiting for me in the shadows, plotting my demise.”
Plotting your demise?” Melanie giggled. “I don’t think Sam’s bright enough to plot anything, much less your demise. I mean, seriously.”
Scowling and chuckling at the same time, Kara spun her chair back around. “Yeah, thank goodness. But you know what I’m talking about.”
Yeah, I know.”
I’ll just avoid men. That’ll solve all my problems,” Kara mumbled under her breath as she logged into her computer.
No it won’t,” Melanie chirped in a sing-song voice.
What’s up with you, bro?” Chase Williams asked Christian as he leaned against his friend’s desk. “You look like you haven’t sleep in two weeks.”
Christian rubbed his face and sighed. “I feel like I haven’t.”
Chase grinned, his cheeks boasting twin dimples. “Girl trouble?”
No,” Christian said, rolling his eyes. “Actually I’ve been having these weird dreams lately. They don’t make any sense but I wake up sweating and my heart racing.”
Chase raised a dark eyebrow. “Like what?”
Christian shrugged. “I don’t know. Just weird dreams like I’m being chased through a jungle by someone trying to kill me, or trying to find someone in danger before it’s too late. Things like that.”
Huh,” Chase was thoughtful for a moment. “You know, you’ve been working too hard. What you need is a night out with the guys – no pressure, no stress. We can grab Colton, Brandon, and Jordan and get some pizza. It’ll be fun.”
Christian doubted that pizza would make his bad dreams dissipate, but he did have to eat and would prefer to have some company for a change. “Okay.”
Have any plans for dinner tonight?” Melanie asked Kara as she gathered up her catalogs.
No. You?” Kara glanced over her shoulder as she picked up her purse and pulled it onto her shoulder.
Nope. Wanna go out and grab something tonight?” Melanie shoved the catalogs into a drawer of her desk and shut it.
Sure. What are you in the mood for?”
Sounds great to me. I’m starved.”
They had just settled into the red painted wooden chairs of their favorite pizza joint twenty minutes later when Melanie’s dark eyebrow rose in amusement. “Oooo. Guess who else likes pizza?” she said over the mellow music filtering in through the restaurant’s sound system.
Kara paused, curious. “Who?” She swore her heart dropped in her chest like an anchor being tossed over the side of a ship.
Christian Hunt, the model-kissing, hot jogger,” Melanie said with a huge grin.
Kara’s heart hiccupped with secreted delight. “For real? Where?” Her pulse began to increase its tempo.
I thought you had decided to forget men and become a nun or something.”
I am. I’m just curious,” she said in a whisper. “Maybe he is stalking me.”
Maybe. But he’s already eating so he was here first,” Melanie pointed out. “That would mean we are the ones stalking him. That’s a thought…” Her eyebrows danced.
Despite her better judgment Kara dared a glance behind them. Sure enough, there seated at a table a ways down from them was Christian Hunt and several other men who looked to be in their mid-twenties. They were eating pizza and hot wings and laughing.
She couldn’t help the tingle inside her as she saw his grinning profile. He had a nice smile, the kind that made you want to keep staring and staring… But not wanting to be caught gawking at him, Kara turned around.
He looks good in olive green,” Melanie mused. Kara pretended not to hear her and studied her menu with exaggerated interest. “That waitress sure seems to like him. She’s flirting up quite the storm over there.”
Melanie,” Kara warned without glancing up from the menu. She didn’t want to dwell on Christian Hunt. Besides, from the looks at the mailbox the other day he was taken. No sense letting herself daydream over him. “The smell in here is making me hungry. What are you going to order?”
Probably the barbeque chicken pizza. You?”
The garden delight.” Kara set the menu down on the table and wished Christian wasn’t here. For some reason deep inside her, she didn’t want him to notice her.
A nervous young man in his late teens came and took their order and then disappeared into the kitchen. Several minutes later he returned with their drinks in hand – two ice cold raspberry lemonades.
Here you are ladies,” he said, his voice wavering. The ice clanked around inside the glasses as he placed a full glass down in front of Melanie with trembling hands. He turned and put Kara’s glass in front of her only to let go of it a second too soon. The drink tipped and the contents flew out of the glass and onto Kara’s white button-down, fitted shirt and dark navy jeans. She gasped in surprise as the icy liquid soaked through the fabric and penetrated her skin. Goosebumps shot down her arms.
I-I’m so sorry,” the waiter exclaimed. He looked as though he was about to burst into tears and Kara couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. It was probably his first day.
She forced a smile as she scooted her chair back. “It’s fine.”
He stared down at her wet white shirt now stained pink. “Uh, I’ll uh, get you a cloth.”
No thanks,” she said. “I’ll just head to the ladies room.” She shot a glare at Melanie, who was biting the insides of her cheeks trying not to burst out laughing, then turned around and hurried towards the bathroom.
She made it several paces before she froze. Five feet in front of her sat Christian Hunt staring at her and her wet pink and white shirt. He grinned in amusement. “I think you’ve got something on your shirt there.”
Kara shot him a dirty look and stormed passed him towards the restroom. Humiliated, she shoved the bathroom door open and rushed inside. The small two-stall room was clean and a framed picture of a bouquet of flowers decorated the wall behind her. The smell of lavender drifted out of a wall-mounted air freshener to her left.
She sighed, humiliated. Why did Christian have to be here? Why did he have to see her like this? Why did that waiter have to dump her drink on her white shirt?
She glanced down at her stained shirt. She just had to wear white tonight, didn’t she? It wouldn’t be so bad if she had worn a dark t-shirt or something, but a white linen button-down? What had she been thinking? She hadn’t been thinking she’d be in a lemonade dunking booth tonight, that’s for sure.
Shaking her head, she pulled several paper towels out of the nearby dispenser. Wetting one, she began dabbing at the pink stain. Several minutes and a handful of towels later, Kara stared at the damp still-pink shirt and frowned. Pulling it away from her chest she hoped it didn’t look as see-through as it had earlier. She couldn’t quite tell if it was any better than it was before.
Great, she thought sarcastically.
As she turned to leave the ladies’ room she prayed that Christian and his friends had left and weren’t sitting around waiting to see more of her ruined outfit and cracking more embarrassing jokes.
They were.
They noticed her the minute she rounded the corner into the dining area. She forced herself not to make eye contact with any of them – Christian in particular.
You okay?” He asked as she passed him. She shot him a cold look but didn’t respond.
I think I’ll chalk that up as my most embarrassing moment ever,” she muttered as she collapsed into the chair across from Melanie.
Melanie smiled, her dark eyes filled with sympathy. “I’m sorry honey. That was embarrassing. But you still can’t beat mine – either of them.”
That’s true,” Kara sighed. “I’m not sure anyone can top yours.”
Yeah. Starting a period in your white prom dress or diving into a co-ed swimming pool party and having your top come off is still way more embarrassing than having lemonade dumped down your shirt. Though I will say that yours does merit embarrassment,” Melanie said with a nod and a grin.
Kara laughed in spite of the situation. “You win, hands down. And I might feel a little better now. Thanks.” Melanie could coax a smile out of a rock with her charms and wit.
Well I’m glad my humiliations could be of use to somebody,” Melanie said as she smiled and sipped her lemonade, seeming none the worse for wear despite her past mortifications.
Kara sipped at her new glass of raspberry lemonade. Their pizzas were delivered to their table and they had just begun eating when Christian stopped beside them on his way out the door. “Hey, sorry about earlier. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”
Kara raised an eyebrow. “Really?”
Yeah. Sorry.”
She watched as he turned and followed his buddies out the front doors into the fading light of dusk. Had he been sincere in his apology? She couldn’t say for sure.
The danger was so real he could almost taste it, like the blood in his mouth. Breathless, panting, he raced through the thick towering trees. He had to get there soon or something horrible would happen.
The flash of a woman’s face came into his mind. His mother.
His anguish and drive were renewed. He had to save her before she died. But in the back of his mind he knew that no matter how hard he ran, or how fast he tried to go, he wouldn’t be able to save her. She would die and there was nothing he could do.
Christian jerked up in his bed with a start, sweat and tears pouring down his face. He covered his face with his hands and bent over in pain. She was gone and there was nothing he could do to bring her back – just like there had been nothing he could do to save her in the first place.
He felt powerless, helpless, and he hated it. He should have been able to do something. Someone should have been able to do something. But nothing had helped. And she was gone.
A week passed before she saw Christian again. During that time she kept reliving the memory of that stupid spilled lemonade. Every time she thought of how his eyebrows had raised and an amused grin spread across his face when he’d spotted her stained wet shirt she wanted to whither up and die. How on earth had Melanie survived her embarrassing moments? That girl deserved a medal – or a couple medals.
Then one day after work, Kara had just gotten out of her Murano, locked it and stepped onto the sidewalk when she heard a car pull up behind her and someone call out her name. The low, masculine voice made her stop mid-step and turn around. She raised an eyebrow as Christian pulled a black Jeep Wrangler Unlimited to a stop several feet from her.
He shot her a small smile. “Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while.”
I’ve been avoiding nervous waiters armed with full glasses of lemonade.”
He chuckled. “Smart. How have you been?”
Fine.” Kara took a deep breath and clutched her purse tighter. She knew she wasn’t exactly being polite but after his tormenting comments she still hadn’t quite forgiven him. It was still too fresh in her memory. “What can I do for you?”
Christian pulled the Jeep into a stall and stepped out onto the sidewalk in front of her. She tried not to appreciate the way his t-shirt stretched across his broad chest and shoulders. “Actually,” he paused. “I wanted to ask you something.”
No, I would not like any raspberry lemonade.”
He laughed and she had to bite the insides of her cheeks to keep from doing the same. “That wasn’t what I was going to ask.”
He shoved his hands into his pockets in a rather adorable boyish manner and shifted his feet in almost a nervous way. “You know I’m a private investigator, and well, I need to attend a party for a client tomorrow night, but I need someone to pose as my date. I’ve tried a couple of girls from work but none of them can go. I need to get some pictures and I need to go with someone so I won’t stand out.” He paused, looking uncertain. “Will you go with me? It’ll be all business,” he hurried to add.
Kara was quiet for a moment. She had no idea how to answer. Would she regret it if she said yes? Yep. Raising an eyebrow she said, “I have a hard time believing that there isn’t one woman in your following that wouldn’t be able to go with you.”
He rolled his eyes and gave her a dry smile. “I told you, I don’t have a following.”
She chuckled. “I still think you’re lying.” She sighed with consideration. “I don’t know. If I go do I get to pour lemonade on you and then make fun of you?”
Ouch,” he grinned. “Okay, I deserved that. And again, I am sorry. I was insensitive and promise not to be a jerk again. Forgive me?”
She answered him with a question of her own, letting him squirm a little longer. “So is this actually for work or are you just making some lame excuse to get me to go out with you?”
He smiled again. “It’s all business. I promise. I just need a date for my cover. And you don’t need to worry. I’m not to get handsy or anything like that,” he reassured her. “I’ll be a complete gentleman.”
She let out a breath she’d been holding and restrained the urge to roll her eyes. “Fine, I’ll go. As long as I get to throw punch or something on you.”
Christian chuckled. “Are you serious?”
Yep. That’s my requirement, or you can just go find yourself another fake date for the night.” She folded her arms across her chest, trying not to smile as she waited for his response.
Deal,” he said. “But can you wait until after I’ve taken the pictures I need before throwing punch on me? We kind of need to be inconspicuous.”
She grinned. “I guess. What time do I need to be ready by?”
It starts at six so I’ll be by to pick you up at five-thirty. It’s a ritzy place so dress nice.”
Okay. I’ll be ready.”
Thanks. I appreciate it.”
You owe me.” She added with a teasing grin, still a little embarrassed by his teasing at the restaurant.
I know,” he agreed, smiling in a way that made her heart beat faster. “See you at six tomorrow,” he said as he backed up towards his Jeep.
She waited until he’d driven away before walking across the grass in front of her apartment wondering if she had a suitable dress for tomorrow night’s date. If not that would give her a great excuse to go buy one. She smiled at the thought. Maybe she’d need to buy a new pair of shoes to go with it. She was certain that somewhere in her closet packed with shoes was a pair she could wear, but why chance it?
When Melanie walked through the door an hour later Kara was stirring some pasta on the stove. She looked over at her friend and called out, “Hey Mel, I’m making baked ziti, want some?”
Melanie tossed her purse onto the chest by the front door. “Absolutely.”
So guess what,” Kara began, turning back to the pasta, “Christian Hunt asked me out today.”
Oh yeah?” Melanie said. “Mr. Hottie himself, huh? That’s cool.”
I said no.”
Melanie stopped her retreat to the bedrooms to change and turned on her heel. “You what? Why would you say no to him? He’s funny, witty, gorgeous…”
Kara chuckled. “I’m just kidding. He asked me to pose as his date for tomorrow night. I agreed only if he lets me douse him with a drink.” She grinned.
Nice,” Melanie laughed. “What do you have to wear?”
Something dressy.”
Time to go shopping.” Melanie’s eyes lit up with excitement. “We’ll have to find you something black, sleek, and sexy. He won’t be able to take his eyes off you for the entire night.”
Kara rolled her eyes and smiled. But at least if she did get spilled on it wouldn’t show through a black dress. That was a bonus.
The next evening Kara’s heel-clad foot tapped a nervous tune as she waited for Melanie to finish zipping up her classic little black dress. She had been so nervous about the date she’d hardly eaten anything for lunch. And she’d spent twice as much time as usual applying her make-up and curling her dark brown locks into loose curls and then pinning them up. Melanie seemed more excited than Kara as she helped her get ready.
When the knock came at the door she jumped. Melanie laughed and left to answer it while Kara finished applying perfume and a pair of crystal and silver earrings that matched the necklace draped around her throat.
Kara chastised herself for being so nervous. It wasn’t like it was even a real date. But all that prep went down the drain as she stepped into the living room and spotted him wearing a dark navy pinstripe suite and white button-down shirt that showcased his broad shoulders nicely. Too bad he was just a private investigator, she thought. He’d make an amazing model. He looked amazing.
Christian smiled as he took in her outfit. “You look great.”
She forced herself to remain calm and unaffected. “Thanks. So do you.”
You ready?”
She nodded and he held the door open for her. She said good-bye to a grinning Melanie and stepped out into a perfect summer evening. The sun hadn’t set yet but was beginning to wane in the distance above the Rocky Mountains. The temperature was mild and the smell of roses from a nearby bush lingered on the air.
They walked across the lawn to the parking area and stopped beside his Jeep. Kara eyed it warily. He opened the passenger door and she froze.
He frowned. “What’s wrong?”
The distance from the pavement to the floor of the Jeep was much higher than she was used to scaling – especially in a dress and heels. “I don’t think I can make it up.”
Oh. Is that all?”
She gasped as he placed his hands on her waist, turned her to face him and lifted her onto the seat with ease. He waited until she was in before shutting the door and skirting the Jeep to the driver’s side. She mentally scolded her pulse for racing from his touch.
Sorry about that,” he said as he slid onto the bench. “I forget that it’s not the ideal vehicle for a lady in a dress. I should have borrowed my dad’s car for tonight.”
It’s okay.”
He asked her about her work and who she had been with the day he’d seen her at Stefano’s as they drove to the country club.
Oh, his name is Ryan Call,” she said. “He’s a very wealthy client with a house up in Aspen.”
He’s pretty young to be so wealthy,” Christian mused. “I wonder what he does for a living.”
Kara shrugged. “I’m not sure. Something in business.”
Christian parked and turned towards her in his seat. “My main priority is to take some subtle pictures. So I need you to just follow my lead and do what I say, okay?” Kara raised an eyebrow at his last request.
I won’t ask you to do anything unreasonable, I promise,” he reassured her.
She nodded with reluctance. “Alright.”
He got out and then opened her door for her. Grasping her waist, he lifted her down. Kara’s body began tingling out of control and she fought to keep a composed demeanor. The scent of his aftershave and cologne wafted up towards her. Not only did he look great, he smelled fantastic.
Thanks,” she said when he let go of her, trying to steady her voice and her legs. She made a point to avoid eye contact.
No problem. Let’s go.” He took her hand and led her towards the double front doors of the grand Camden hotel. It was an impressive marble building with carved stone pediments adorning the tops of its many windows. Wrought iron fencing enclosed ornamental boxwood shrubbery flanking the building on either side of the doors.
She raised her eyebrows, impressed. “Wow. What kind of a party is this?”
A birthday party.”
You’re kidding. For who?”
He frowned. “My client’s wife’s boss and… lover.”
Kara’s eyes widened. “Wow. He must be pretty well-off if he can afford to have his birthday party at the Camden.”
Christian nodded and gestured to the doors. “Shall we?”
With a nervous flutter of excitement she nodded and followed him inside the luxurious hotel. The lobby resembled a high-end living room decorated in taupe and chocolate with French settees and polished marble floors. Crystal lamps sat on expensive carved wooden end tables. An enormous fireplace and French surround dominated one wall and a Persian rug grounded the grouping of furniture.
They approached the long walnut and granite reception desk. Kara smiled but remained silent.
Hi,” Christian flashed the brunette a breath-taking smile. “A friend of mine was going to meet us here and I wondered if you could tell me if she’s checked in already. Her name is Linda Chesley.”
The brunette smiled and clicked away on her computer. “Yes, she’s already checked in.”
I can’t remember which room number she said she was going to be staying in,” he continued, furrowing his brows in thought. “Could you tell me?”
No woman in their right mind would refuse Christian Hunt, and this receptionist was no different. After several clicks on the keyboard the woman looked up and gave him a warm smile ignoring Kara’s presence altogether. “Two-oh-four.”
That’s right,” Christian said with a grin, shaking his head. “Two-oh-four. Perfect. Thanks so much for your help.”
The woman looked completely smitten. “My pleasure. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?”
We’re here for Mr. Burrows’ birthday party,” Christian began.
The receptionist’s smile didn’t waver a bit. “It’s up in the Gold Ballroom.”
Thank you.” Again a bone-melting smile flashed across his handsome face and the receptionist nearly sighed aloud.
He led Kara away from the desk and when they were out of earshot she whispered, “So how many women have you manipulated into getting what you want with that charming smile?”
The corners of Christian’s mouth curved up and he glanced over at her. “You think I have a charming smile?”
She blushed and fluttered her eyelashes in annoyance. “Well she must have because she was practically drooling all over you. If you had proposed marriage she would have accepted without batting an eye.”
And what about you?” he teased. “Does my ‘charming smile’ affect you?”
If he only knew. Not wanting to give herself away and let him know how truly affect she was by his mere presence, let alone smile, she shrugged. “Not like Juliet back there.”
His deep laughter rang out through the hotel’s corridor. “Pity. I’ll have to try harder.”
She grinned and rolled her eyes, secretly hoping he would.
When they reached the Gold Ballroom there was a sign outside the open doors announcing the party on behalf of Mr. Harrison Burrows. Christian presented their invitation and they stepped inside a large, lavish room. Rich gold-toned wallpaper covered the walls. The white-on-white coffered ceiling and mocha-colored velvet drapes all lent itself to the luxury of the room. Tables dressed in black and shimmery cream flanked the room decked with silver sconces and crystal trays of delicious looking pastries, sandwiches, and fruit. Men dressed in expensive, tailored suits mingled with women in sequined, designer gowns and dresses.
So where’s the couple?” Kara whispered without taking her eyes off the crowd.
I’ll let you know when I see them,” Christian said, his voice low.
They weaved through the throng and over to a table of mouth-watering pastries. Kara was starving since she’d been too nervous to eat more than a granola bar and some soda for lunch. Now her nerves had somewhat calmed down, either that or her withered stomach was getting more irate and had surpassed her anxiety about the date. Either way, she wanted some of those ├ęclairs and chocolate-dipped cream puffs.
Hungry?” Christian asked.
Does it show?”
He nodded towards the food. “Go ahead and get something. We need to blend in.”
Needing no more invitation than that, Kara picked up a napkin and placed an ├ęclair on it. Not wanting to appear ill-mannered or greedy, she resolved to eat it one small bite at a time.
Christian stuck one hand in his pocket and glanced around the room. He looked like a model. Kara noticed several sets of female eyes gawking at him though he didn’t seem to notice, either that or he was ignoring them on purpose. She felt a flurry of jealousy and protectiveness. After all, he was her date tonight.
A memory of Treena, the brazen blond, popped into Kara’s head and she reminded herself to ask him about it before the night was over. If they were together then why hadn’t he asked her? Why ask Kara to pose as his date instead?
She turned back and selected a chocolate-dipped strawberry. She had just placed it on her napkin when she felt Christian’s hand press against the small of her back causing her to jump.
His low chuckle came from behind her. “Relax.”
Kara felt a rush of annoyance. She’d love to relax, but being in his particular presence didn’t seem to encourage that state of mind for her.
Christian leaned down close to her ear, his breath warm as it fluttered the loose curl hanging down around her jaw. Goosebumps broke out on her skin starting from her neck and racing down her arms and back to her legs. “They’re here.”
She spun around. “Where?” 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hey everyone. Life's been busy. Hope life's been good for everyone. Sorry I haven't been good at posting things. I don't really like posting for the sake of posting unless I have something worth saying. So I'll try to keep you updated on my second book, Rise of the Jade Jaguar, as it comes along. Take care!

Saturday, February 16, 2013


So I had a good response to the free ebook! :) Who doesn't love a chance to try something for free right? I know I do. Anyway, my second book is coming along well. I had a whole flood of ideas for the second and third. Yes I said third book. There will be a third book. I can say in all honesty that the second book is going to be a whirlwind of action and adventure and suspense. And of course romance. So I apologize for not being better at posting. I'm trying to get this second book pounded out and polished so that everyone isn't left hanging on the edge of their seats for long. :) (Though you may hate me even more for the ending of the second book...)

Anyway, if you got my book for free (or if you've bought it before) and read it and like it, I'd love a great review of it either on Amazon or here on my website. Reviews are like the lifeblood of a book's success. Nothing is more convincing to a prospective reader than a peer who enjoyed the book.

Thanks for everything! You guys are great!

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Get Curse of the Jaguar for FREE!

So I'm sorry it's been awhile since I've posted. I've been busier than I care to admit. Anyway, I  was trying to think of something I could post that would be exciting. So I decided  I'll do a free giveaway.

From today through Valentines Day (Feb. 14, 2013), you can get the ebook of Curse of the Jaguar for FREE!!! Click on this link: and then enter the code ZV46Z at checkout.


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New Excerpt!!

Here's another excerpt from Curse of the Jaguar to wet your whistle. Want more? You can find the paperback and ebook version on Amazon or from my website here. You can also read the first chapter here on my website.


“What have you done?” Christian shouted at Ryan. He flexed his muscles against the chains that held him. Kara’s hazy eyes met his. She had lost a fair amount of blood already and needed a doctor. He pulled again at the chains and tested their strength. The metal dug into his flesh, drawing blood.
“She needs a doctor. She’s lost too much blood. Don’t involve her in this. It’s between you and me.”
Ryan’s cool eyes turned on him. “You’re the one that got her involved. If she dies it will be on your conscience not mine.”
“Only because you don’t have a conscience,” Christian growled.
Kara was taken and her wrists chained up between two poles across the room from Christian. She swayed and her knees buckled once.
“Ryan,” she pleaded, her voice weak. “Please, let us go. You’re not like him. You’re not a killer.”
Ryan glared at her and shook his head. He handed the whip to a nearby guard and drew a glistening knife from his boot.
“Ryan, I swear I will exact every mark you make on her body in your own flesh.” Christian roared and wrenched one arm as hard as he could. The metal pole creaked and bent under the strain.
Ryan raised an eyebrow but turned back to Kara, knife in hand. He circled behind her, ducking beneath the chains. Standing in back of her, he wrapped his arms around her neck with knife in hand staring at Christian, a menacing smile on his face. The knife slipped beneath the collar of her t-shirt.
 “Leave her out of this.” Christian warned with a growl. Again he pulled with all his might. The other pole creaked and bent to match the other. The hybrid guards stepped closer to him.
With one smooth stroke Ryan cut through the top of Kara’s shirt. Standing behind her, he grasped the two sides and pulled until the t-shirt ripped open at the top, exposing her lower neck and upper chest.
Christian roared, never having felt such rage towards another human being than he did right now.
“Ryan,” Christian repeated. “Let her go, you coward.”
Ryan ignored him. “Kara, I’ll count to three, and if he hasn’t told me where he hid it I will carve my name in your flesh.” His breath made her hair flutter as he spoke.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Busy Days...

So lately I've kind of been absent from the web. I've been trying to write, research and chase kids. I'm glad to say I'm almost half way through the first draft of the sequel to Curse of the Jaguar. I've only been able to get time to write a few days but I've been able to pound out a few thousand words each time. Right now I'm trying to figure out whether I want to wrap up the story with this book or leave room for a third. I'm having conflicted feelings with both choices and thus haven't decided one way or another. If I do decide to wrap the story up, never fear, I've got several other book ideas that are screaming for my attention.

I'll try to post another sneak peak into Curse of the Jaguar next time! I'll try to choose something juicy!

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Ebook Sale!

From today through January 10, 2013 I am having an ebook sale for Curse of the Jaguar!

You can purchase it for only .99 at with coupon code NC69N at checkout. Click here to go straight to the website! Enjoy the new year with a new book!

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New Year's Sequel

So last year one of my many New Year's Resolutions was to publish 'Curse of the Jaguar'. I was so excited to be able to make that goal come true. Now, my goal for 2013 is to finish 'Rise of the Jade Jaguar' - my tentatively titled sequel. I'm about a third of the way through it and really hope to get the entire first draft finished by about May or June. We'll see how that goes. As to if there will be a third book in this series...we'll see about that too. It all depends on how the story pans out. If I feel like there's more to be told then I'll do a third book. If not, then I'll end it with the second. I don't want to draw it out for the sake of a third book. I have well over a dozen more stories either in my head or started on my computer, so there's no shortage of that.

A thank you to all of those readers out there that have given me such positive reviews and feedback - even if some of you are impatiently awaiting the next one. :) I'll get it done as soon as I can (but not at the expense of the story - we all want it to be wonderful, right?).

Have a great day and a successful New Year!!