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Sorry I've been so absent lately. I actually haven't been writing much these last few months. A close family member has been diagnosed with cancer and it has taken up my every thought since about August. It's really put things in perspective for me and unfortunately writing has taken a back seat to this difficult trial. But not to worry, last night I did quite a bit of writing on book 3 and I have been doing some research on and off. The story is picking up again and I hope that it will continue to do so. I apologize for my absence, but I'm sure many of you can understand what it's like to have a family member become seriously ill.

Here's a little bit from Mark of the Jaguar. Enjoy!

   After five days of intense planning, Alec led his cousins through the darkness surrounding Damien's Denver compound. They had gone over everything, down to the last detail, to make sure everything went smoothly. No one wanted to make the same mistakes they had before and end up with another member of their team dead. This time they would leave nothing behind. Damien's research would all be destroyed along with every single bottle of serum.
Just as they'd expected, the security around Damien's research compound had doubled since their recent infiltration. Alec, and his cousins, dressed in black, cloaked and armed, snuck around the perimeter and split up. Rafael headed toward the north end with explosives in hand. Alec and Enrique took the south end and Dominic stayed on the east side.
Rafael extended his two inch claws and cut through the fence that led to the north end of the property. Knowing there would be less chance of fatalities on this end of the compound, he began to place explosives in the previously designated places, careful to avoid being seen by the regularly pacing guards. Once the bombs had all been placed, he snuck back out of the fenced area and waited in the trees, glancing at his watch for the exact moment they'd planned for the distraction. Another two minutes passed, with another glance at his watch, Rafael pressed a button on the remote in his hand. Several deafening explosions erupted before him, lighting up the dark night. As expected, Damien's guards began shouting and running about. With a satisfied smile, Rafael turned and headed back towards the east side of the building.
Alec and Enrique waited for the distraction to pull the guards away from the laboratory area. Once the bombs had exploded, Alec and Enrique slipped through the back window they broke open. They didn't need to worry about setting off any alarms now, since the explosion in front had taken care of that problem. Once inside, Enrique follow Alec as he jogged down the hall towards the lab. Quickly and efficiently, they split up and either destroyed or confiscated every piece of information related to the serum. While Enrique took care of the computers, Alec destroyed the serum samples and equipment.
Some of the serum is missing,” Alec whispered with a frown. “Damien must have taken some with him when he left.”
Enrique's brow furrowed and he nodded. “Then we'll follow him to Guatemala and destroy it along with him.”
Satisfied that everything available was gone or ruined, Enrique planted a few more explosives. They left the building and hid in the bushes across the street. Alec glanced down at his watch and then exchanged a look with Enrique. They had agreed to give Dominic and Rafael a certain amount of time to look for Christian's dad and any other prisoner before setting off the bombs on the south side of the building. Alec tried not to fidget as they waited in silence for their cousins. A few minutes later, he glanced at his watch and frowned. Time was up.
Peering through the darkness with ease, Alec breathed a sigh of relief as he spotted two familiar shapes jogging towards them through the night. With a click, Enrique set off the southern bombs and more flames lit up the Denver street. Sirens had begun wailing moments after the first explosion. Turning, the four cousins stealthily made their way down the street to their dark, unassuming vehicle parked in an ally and left the scene.
Alec glanced in the rear view mirror at Dominic and Rafael. “I take it you didn't find Christian's father?”
Rafael frowned and shook his head. “No, but there are going to be enough people on the scene that if he's there, I'm sure they'll find him.”
You sure they won't just find his body?” Enrique asked dryly.
Rafael rolled his eyes and grinned. “I made sure that the bombs were placed in the least dangerous place possible. If Damien was holding prisoners, it would have been on the west side. I did my research,” he assured Enrique.

Enrique raised an eyebrow but kept on driving in silence.

(Remember, this along with all other parts of Mark of the Jaguar, are copyrighted. None of this can be copied, reproduced or altered without written permission from the author, Audrey Grant)

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Funny chapter titles

So while going through my book notes a while back I came across something funny. When I was editing book one, Curse of the Jaguar, I had thought about making the chapter titles funny lines that were either taken from the chapter or related to the chapter. I was inspired by the absolutely hilarious chapter titles from the Percy Jackson books. Seriously hilarious titles. Anyway, I came up with some for my book but in the end it didn't feel right for my book. I needed something more serious. Anyway, I thought for fun I would post some of the chapter titles I came up with, but never used. Some are more funny, some are not as much, kind of depending on what the chapter was about. Kind of hard to have a funny title when people are being attacked in that chapter. :) Enjoy!

Curse of the Jaguar (chapter titles that were never used. Some have more than one option)

Prologue: A Dangerous Find
1. Drunk, angry and holding a big knife
    Leave me alone does not mean come closer
2. Maybe I'll just become a nun  
    Take a trip to Kohl's and call me in the morning
3. A lemonade dunking booth    
    Been there, done that. Bad idea
4. Kissed by an eight-legged freak    
    It didn't look poisonous
5. Brazen blondes and cocky grins
    The temptress and the brute  
6. Monkey butts and Giraffe snot    
    Mooning monkeys and sneezing giraffes
7. Killer wine
    They might come for you
8. They're all dead!    
    You had to bring that up
9. Comatose
10. Forbidden love letters
      I don't want to hear about my grandma's love affair
11. Betrayed
12. Deadly Shadows
      Curiosity just got the better of me
13. Sexy morning breath
      This is bad. This is really bad.
14. The ransom note
      So you're the one that killed them all
15. Stranded
      A pleasant and surprising alternative to death
      Do I have a tail, too?
16. Let's play Navy SEAL in high heels
17. The perfect killing-machine
      He's not who you think he is
18. The legends are true
      Picking a fight with a pack of wolves
      Wolves fight dirty
19. A Victoria's Secret fashion show in the middle of the forest
      Lifeless bodies, ripped jeans and rabies
20. My fifth grade teacher's canine teeth
      Make a note to freak out more often
21. Revenge
      No one's getting paid and the red stuff is real blood
22. Bali, Tahiti or Mead, Colorado?    
      My boyfriend threatens to eat me
23. Sleeping with a carnivore    
      Jaguars don't have nightmares
24. Nightmares and broken dreams    
      A pathetic lock and an angry metal faucet
25. Attacked!  
      Not everyone's father is a killer
26. Wanted Mostly alive    
      Dinner with the devil
27. Ally or Enemy    
      Guilt and self-loathing
28. The perfect bait    
      Unwilling Gladiators
      To hide or not to hide
29. The arena of death
30. One huge bloody mess    
      More pain killer please
31. Where's an M-16 when you need one?    
      Off to hunt a hybrid-crazed businessman
32. Dead    
      Invisible friends
33. Revenge

Yes, chapters 21 and 33 had the same possible title. That was going to be changed, but I ended up just using chapter numbers instead of titles so I scrapped it all. But it was fun coming up with them.

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The winner!

I have finally gotten around to posting the winner, chosen just today. The winner of the autographed free book is..................... The Christensen Family! Thank you to everyone who entered the drawing!

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Time's almost up!

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Free Book Giveaway!

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Working on book 3...

Since the release of Mark of the Jaguar, I've been working on book 3 in the trilogy, Rise of the Jade Jaguar. It's going well, though not quite as quickly as I'd hoped. Some days I'm filled with inspiration, other days my brain doesn't want to cooperate. But it's coming along! I've had people ask when book 3 will be available. I'd say, look for it at the end of 2015 or beginning of 2016. It will really depend on how life pans out. Writing isn't my full time job so it just happens when I have time between raising four kids and all that other stuff you have to do as a wife and mom. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the latest book in the Jaguar Trilogy, Mark of the Jaguar! Thanks!

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Paperback copies are here!

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Mark of the Jaguar is now available!

I am so excited to announce that Mark of the Jaguar is now available on Amazon to buy!!! The ebook is finally here and the printed book will be out in a few days! I'm so relieved to have it out and can't wait to share it with everyone! This exciting sequel to Curse of the Jaguar is anything but slow and boring! I'll be putting in an order for printed copies so if you want one, drop me an email or comment and let me know!
Remember to leave a review! They are a huge help to authors! Thanks!

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Sneak peek at the new cover!

It's here! Here is the cover for Mark of the Jaguar! I'm so excited to have it done! The book is sooooo close right behind it! The book itself is done, we're just finishing up the last details of the whole thing! I'm so relieved to get this published. It's been a long time coming and I apologize deeply for the long wait. I thought I'd be able to get it written, edited and published within a year, but no...not while being a full time mom of four kids. Since March life has been soooo busy! It's been crazy! But it's finally done and will be out sooo sooon!! So here's the cover! And I've included a little piece from the book! Enjoy! And I'll announce as soon as the book is ready for purchase on Amazon!!!

From Mark of the Jaguar:

'Once they reached the river, a surprising feat in and of itself since Kara was beginning to believe they were hopelessly lost, they began to follow its path. Her skin began to crawl as she eyed the seemingly shallow green water.
Even the water here is green!
It looked as though the river was more of a swollen stream, pooling between the trees and bushes that hovered over its banks. Several dark shadows moved just beneath the shallow, murky surface.
Are those crocodiles?” She whispered, creeping further away from the river’s bank, her eyes glued to the bumpy shapes.
Ryan pulled her back beside him. “We’re fine as long as we don’t go into the water.”
You couldn’t pay me enough to go into that water,” she mumbled, never pulling her eyes away from the slow movements in the water. She hated crocodiles, alligators or any other carnivore that lurked in water.
Ryan chuckled. “Would you like me to carry you?”
She glared at him. She couldn’t stand the thought of being that close to him. “Never.”
Suit yourself, sweetheart, but when one of those come creeping out of the water, don’t say I didn’t offer.”
Her eyes widened. “I thought you said we were safe as long as we didn’t go in the water.”
He shrugged and sent her a mischievous grin.
Jerk,” she muttered.'

(copyrighted material. Do not reproduce)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Cover deadline extended

So the cover deadline for Mark of the Jaguar has been extended for those that want to submit a design. You will now have till March 15 to submit your design for the cover of the new book. If you have any questions, be sure to contact me:

Book three is coming along nicely and book two is even closer to coming out! Both encouraging!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Updates on Book 2 & 3

Book 3 in the Jaguar Trilogy, titled Rise of the Jade Jaguar, is officially outlined! Yay! I'm so excited. What a stresser. Outlining a book helps me a ton. It keeps me heading in the direction I want to go and helps me stay focused when I get brain dead. But I always let myself take on any new inspiration that may come to me. The outline is pretty rough and nothing super set in stone. On the off hand, I really hate trying to map out the whole book. It's stressful. Usually I end up rewriting the outline, sometimes as I go. You may wonder then, why I bother to write an outline in the first place. Honestly, it really does help me. I know it doesn't work for some people, but I found, through trial and error, that it really does help me, and it makes writing go faster because I know what's supposed to come next. With book one, Curse of the Jaguar, it took me about 4-5 years to write. I didn't start with an outline, I just started writing. About three years into it and over 300 pages, I ended up scraping it all, writing an outline I liked, and rewrote the whole thing. And in the end I ended up changing the direction half way through, but the point is, I had a starting point and that got me going. I always give myself the liberty to change as I go, but I need the outline to shoot me in the right direction and help me know for myself, how I want the WHOLE story to play out. Stressful, but effective for me.

I hate how in some series, book one is great, that's the one that makes you fall in love with it. Book two is sort of boring inbetween stuff, a bridge to the end, which is book three. Book three is the ending, wrapping up the whole series or trilogy, and has all the exciting climactic parts. But book two always bothered me. So when I wrote MY book two, I decided up front that it was not going to be that way. Book two, so far in the trilogy, is the most exciting. Book three will definitly not be boring, but book two is absolutely not the boring bridge book. I made certain of that. Instead of a lull, it's action all the way through. I like books that bring you in quick and keep you unable to put them down to the very end. Book two is definitely that way. Book one has already made the introductions and set the ground work for Kara and Christian's romance, and book two just keeps the action going. Unfortunately, it has a rather climactic ending, more so than book one. So I'm going to try hard to get book three out as fast as possible, to avoid angry, cliff-hanging readers! I'll keep you updated and let you know the minute book two, Mark of the Jaguar, is ready to buy!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Cover Contest!

Okay, so this isn't really a contest, but more of an opportunity to participate. I am in the final stages of Mark of the Jaguar and thought it would be fun to get some fan input on the cover for the new book. So, if you're interested, you can design a book cover for Mark of the Jaguar email it to me at: (The link is in the Contact Page at the top of my website) If I find one I really like I'll use it when I publish it! The deadline is March 1, tentatively. I'll let you know if it changes otherwise. Good luck and get your imaginations rolling!

Some things to take into consideration with this book: you find out more about the ancient hybrid people in Guatemala, it takes place mostly in the jungles of Guatemala, it is non-stop action and adventure from the first page!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Here's a little excerpt from Mark of the Jaguar!

Hey guys! Sorry I've been so bad about posting lately. I've been trying to get Mark of the Jaguar out and it's taking longer than I want. It's driving me crazy! Anyway, let's cross our fingers and hope to see it published sooooooon! Ya think it's ready and then it needs another round of editing. Sigh. Well, I'm almost done and want it out more than anyone. So, let's hope it finds its way into your hands in the next few weeks. I know I've been saying that for a while now and it's completely aggrevating - for me too, so I apologize.

To make it up to you, here's an excerpt from Mark of the Jaguar:

The men in black began to close the distance. A shattering roar split the air followed by another. Kara made the mistake of glancing over her shoulder and catching sight of two large jaguars sprinting towards her only a handful of yards away. She screamed and pounded the grass harder, desperately trying to reach safety before she was ensnared by their powerful claws. Both Dominic and Rafael had phased into cats and were covering the expanse towards her, but not fast enough.
A scream escaped her throat as she was knocked to the ground from behind, a powerful force slamming into her back. Heavy panting bore down on her neck and she could feel the sharp tingle of barely restrained claws on her back.
Don’t hurt her,” she heard a horribly familiar voice call. “Not yet. Freeze, or she’s dead,” Ryan called out to Rafael and Dominic who reluctantly skidded to a stop in the soft grass.
She didn’t dare to move, fearing the claws pressing into her shirt would pierce through into her flesh. Ryan’s two guards that had not changed into jaguars, approached her and grabbed her by the arms. The jaguars stepped back and the guards hauled her to her feet, assault rifles in hand.
Ryan walked up to join them, a smirk of triumph on his face. “Well, Kara. How nice to see your beautiful face again.”
She glared at him. He always seemed to bring out the anger in her, especially when that stupid grin was on his face. “Let me go, Ryan!”
He grinned and shook his head. “I don't think so.”
You must want Christian to kill you, because he will if you don't get smart and leave me alone.”
Ryan rolled his grayish-blue and gold eyes and chuckled. “He’s already proven he’s not man enough.”
Ha!” Her brown eyes flashed. “You’re such an idiot. When he gets his hands on you, he will finally rid the earth of your sorry existence.”
Ryan’s glare moved from her to Rafael and Dominic, now in human form. “Make one move and she dies.” The armed guards pointed their weapons at her head to emphasize the point. Dominic’s expression was terrifying as he flexed his hands into fists and sent a scathing look at Ryan.
We can take ‘em,” Rafael growled, sizing the men up.
No,” Dominic said, his voice so low she barely made out the words. “We can’t risk it.”
We can’t just let them take her,” Rafael hissed angrily.
Oh, they’re not getting away with her,” Dominic threatened.
Oh, but we are,” Ryan said, backing up. “Let’s go men.”
Rafael and Dominic could do nothing but watch as Kara was led away towards the trees on the far side of the cemetery. The moment Ryan turned to disappear into the foliage, they turned and phased into cats and sprinted back to the car.
What’s going on?” Selena shouted as they phased back.
Ryan’s got her.” Rafael panted. He pointed at the silver Jaguar sedan speeding away from the east side of the cemetery.
Into the car,” Alec order. They slid in and he flipped the Suburban around, peeling out. 

Hope you enjoyed that little sneak peek! Don't give up on me! I'll get the whole manuscript out there soon! Have a wonderful day!