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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Funny chapter titles

So while going through my book notes a while back I came across something funny. When I was editing book one, Curse of the Jaguar, I had thought about making the chapter titles funny lines that were either taken from the chapter or related to the chapter. I was inspired by the absolutely hilarious chapter titles from the Percy Jackson books. Seriously hilarious titles. Anyway, I came up with some for my book but in the end it didn't feel right for my book. I needed something more serious. Anyway, I thought for fun I would post some of the chapter titles I came up with, but never used. Some are more funny, some are not as much, kind of depending on what the chapter was about. Kind of hard to have a funny title when people are being attacked in that chapter. :) Enjoy!

Curse of the Jaguar (chapter titles that were never used. Some have more than one option)

Prologue: A Dangerous Find
1. Drunk, angry and holding a big knife
    Leave me alone does not mean come closer
2. Maybe I'll just become a nun  
    Take a trip to Kohl's and call me in the morning
3. A lemonade dunking booth    
    Been there, done that. Bad idea
4. Kissed by an eight-legged freak    
    It didn't look poisonous
5. Brazen blondes and cocky grins
    The temptress and the brute  
6. Monkey butts and Giraffe snot    
    Mooning monkeys and sneezing giraffes
7. Killer wine
    They might come for you
8. They're all dead!    
    You had to bring that up
9. Comatose
10. Forbidden love letters
      I don't want to hear about my grandma's love affair
11. Betrayed
12. Deadly Shadows
      Curiosity just got the better of me
13. Sexy morning breath
      This is bad. This is really bad.
14. The ransom note
      So you're the one that killed them all
15. Stranded
      A pleasant and surprising alternative to death
      Do I have a tail, too?
16. Let's play Navy SEAL in high heels
17. The perfect killing-machine
      He's not who you think he is
18. The legends are true
      Picking a fight with a pack of wolves
      Wolves fight dirty
19. A Victoria's Secret fashion show in the middle of the forest
      Lifeless bodies, ripped jeans and rabies
20. My fifth grade teacher's canine teeth
      Make a note to freak out more often
21. Revenge
      No one's getting paid and the red stuff is real blood
22. Bali, Tahiti or Mead, Colorado?    
      My boyfriend threatens to eat me
23. Sleeping with a carnivore    
      Jaguars don't have nightmares
24. Nightmares and broken dreams    
      A pathetic lock and an angry metal faucet
25. Attacked!  
      Not everyone's father is a killer
26. Wanted Mostly alive    
      Dinner with the devil
27. Ally or Enemy    
      Guilt and self-loathing
28. The perfect bait    
      Unwilling Gladiators
      To hide or not to hide
29. The arena of death
30. One huge bloody mess    
      More pain killer please
31. Where's an M-16 when you need one?    
      Off to hunt a hybrid-crazed businessman
32. Dead    
      Invisible friends
33. Revenge

Yes, chapters 21 and 33 had the same possible title. That was going to be changed, but I ended up just using chapter numbers instead of titles so I scrapped it all. But it was fun coming up with them.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The winner!

I have finally gotten around to posting the winner, chosen just today. The winner of the autographed free book is..................... The Christensen Family! Thank you to everyone who entered the drawing!

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